The Real Jacktoshi.small.png

Who is Jacktoshi?

Jacktoshi is a freehand drawing artist and a Bitcoin enthusiast. All of Jacktoshi’s drawings are hand drawn on white paper. Not much else is known about him and his identity.

What is Jacktoshi?

Jacktoshi’s fundamental purpose is to educate people on Bitcoin using art.

You may purchase a Royalty-Free (RF) license to use a drawing for personal, commercial or editorial use (some restrictions apply). Learn more

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency organizations and influencers work with Jacktoshi to promote their business or products using custom drawings. See PoW

Are drawings registered on the blockchain?

All of Jacktoshi’s drawings are registered on the Ethereum mainnet and issued JACKTOSHICOIN ERC721 (Non-Fungible) tokens. This allows for a secure, trackable, and permanent digital identity that’s assigned to each drawing.

Why does the price of a drawing increase over time?

The supply of Jacktoshi’s drawings will be limited to 21 million with the last drawing completed in the year 2140. Due to it’s scarcity, the value of each drawing will increase over time.

What happens to the white paper drawings?

It’s securely stored in a private vault.